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Where do I start?

Affordable Design

Design is a pretty broad term. 1. I help you determine how a space should function to meet your needs and provide concepts and visuals. 2. The right size and scale scale of the contents to help the room feel comfortable, not sparse or crowded. 3. Furnishings and decor represent significant variables in terms of cost. Assisting you with making choices that are within your budget. 4. Colors and aesthetic choices that achieve the vibe you are after. 5. Purchasing items and coordinating receiving, inspecting, placement, and if necessary returning items within the scope of the project. 


While designers charge for their services, they can help clients make informed decisions that can ultimately save money. This includes avoiding costly design mistakes, optimizing the use of materials, and finding cost-effective alternatives without compromising on quality.


Interior designers streamline the design and procurement process, saving clients time and effort. They handle research, product selection, and coordination, allowing clients to focus on their daily lives or businesses.

Steps to Work Together

Wallpaper Selection


60-minute Chat

Steps 1-3 of the Design Process


No Charge

The first conversation is exploratory and a discovery call for both of us.  We delve into your currents objectives and future goals


Recomendations &  Findings

Steps 4-8 of the Design Process 

Design Fee:

Starts at $250 for 

a single room room or

in-home visit

Cost of furnishings is typically retail less 5%. You are. under no obligation to purchase anything


Delivery & Installation

Steps 9-13 of the Design Process 

Coordination Fee:

Starts at $250

for a single room

Includes managing all the details and logistics through completion. This is associated with engaging contractors and larger projects.

Design Process


Define Scope


Determine functionality for lifestyle and space


Agree on Design Direction


Sign Agreement


Floor Plan / Functional Layout


Present Findings & Options


Photograph the Existing Space


Purchasing Executed


Develop Delivery & Installation Plan


Manage Logistics, Storage, Quality Checks, Placement, and Setup


Photograph the Finished Space


Final Walkthrough


Complete Warranties Enjoy!


Welcome to Sara Bradley Home.  I stared my career in the 1980's during school working with a chain of bridal and formalwear retail stores. As I moved my education along, my career included buying bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, prom dresses, special occasion dresses, and (forgive me) for horrible choices I made for mother-of the bride dresses. 

Since then, I have enjoyed home fashion as a hobby and helping friends make design choices while working full-time as a recruiter. Since leaving the corporate world in 2016, I consulted in hiring and talent attraction. When the pandemic hit in 2020, I needed some color in my house and to surround myself with joy.  Then I wanted to take the passion professionally. I started taking color and design courses. I met a designer whose company specialized in commercial exterior color designs. Commercial exteriors seemed like a great entry into the world of design and Kimberly was willing to share her knowledge of design and Photoshop with me!  


Fast forward to 2022. Friends bought a house they wanted to rent furnished for 30+ day rentals. This project opened up my passion for thinking through the details of creating a space that feels like home, but not someone else's home. Timeless and Stylish. See the project here


Where do I fit in the design space? I loved doing the furnished rental. It was on a tight budget, but it was fun to create several rooms of a home on paper, then execute the plan. These can b e really fun and colorful rooms that you may or may not want to live with long-term. That is not reality for most people though. You aren't starting with a blank slate. You have existing things and you want to figure out what you can work in, and what to get rid of and/or replace. I fit in with 1. helping you understand value versus lifespan; 2. hunting for the perfect thing. Wow, I love the hunt; 3. hearing my customers ask "you can do that"? 4. helping you love your environment; 5. helping you craft a now and later plan; 6. get more for your money than you could on your own.


Furnished rentals should provide an experience in addition to being a place to stay.

The value for the investors is not just décor and furnishings. It is also:

identifying and attracting your target market

how the property stacks up visually to others 

space and use planning

knowledge of resources and sourcing items to be purchased

installation, logistics, and turn around time of the project

a plan to keep the investment interesting and current

Whether it's a rental of your home, your and your guests deserve a well thought out and unique space to relax and call home. Stark or uncomfortable are not words that should ever come to your customers mind. Get in touch and let me help you get rave reviews.



Designs That Function and  Excite

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LttL- Jan 2023 Holbrook Dr-76.jpg
LttL- Jan 2023 Holbrook Dr-23.jpg

Design Services

Fixed Price

Internal Furniture Market Shopping Retainer


$125 retainer goes toward

furniture purchases


Everyone is starting in a different place


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